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Silicone is very inert, non-toxic and special product with distinguished properties and can be used in plenty of applications. There are two products currently commercially available from this division: Silicone Emulsion and Silicone Rubber.
Silicone Emulsions
Silicone emulsion is widely used as a release agent for tires, industrial rubber parts, plywood and plastic products. Other uses include surface synthetic fiber fabric softener, nonstickingprevention, leather and upholstery surface protection, cutting knife, etc. Our silicone emulsions are very stable emulsions and areavailable in silicone concentrations of 30% (S230E), 33% (S233E), 60% (S260E), and 70% (S270CONC).
Silicone Rubber
Silicone Rubber is the most versatile and the best quality mold making material available nowadays in industrial world, suitable for a wide range of molding requirements. Polyester and epoxy resins, low temperature metals, acrylic, urethane and urethane foam, concrete, waxes, and plaster can all be molded and formed using silicone rubber molds. Silicone Rubber is an inorganic material with unique characters that make it perform much better compared to other mold making materials such as epoxy, urethane and other organic materials like latex rubber.
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