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MATAPEL UNIPOL® is a range of no-solvent pigment pastes, mainly for fiberglass products and gel coat colorations, but also being used for other applications.
It is not dispersed in polyester resin like many other conventional colorants are.
The significant technical and commercial advantages offered by our MATAPEL UNIPOL® are as follows :
  • Solvent free
  • High chroma and brightness
  • Fine dispersion
  • User friendly (body stains can easily be washed off)
  • Easy to use, just by simple stirring to the resin
  • Zero Volatile Organic Compound ( VOC )
  • Friendly to the environment
  • Very board compability

Major Application :
  • Fiberglass products
  • Liquid Acrylic coloration
  • Primer / alkyd based paints
  • Light water-based tint
  • Epoxy floorings etc
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