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Matapel has several products that can be used in automotive industry:

Silicone oil or polydimethylsiloxane widely used as a lubricant and has many uses in many industries such as textile, automotive, health care, personal care, home care, electronic, metal working, agriculture etc. High viscosity silicone oil can be used in speedometer.

Silicone emulsion can be used as car care products in automotive industry such as anti-corrosion lubricants for car exteriors, release agent for tires, polishing agent for dashboard, tires, etc.

Silanes that improve the rolling resistance and wet traction of tires

Light Weight Chopped Strand Mat is suitable for car headliner and application where good laminated surface is needed. Light weight chopped strand mat is made of fine E-glass strands and available in either emulsion or powder binder (Powder type or Emulsion type).

MATAPEL UNIPOL UR is specially designed for the coloration of flexible, semi-rigid, rigid, and integral skin polyurethane foams, either polyether or polyester systems.

MATAPEL UNICOAT pigment pastes are especially prepared paste forms of high grade pigments predispered in a synthetic resin, which is compatible with a wide range of polymers, suitable to be used in Automotive industry. Matapel Unicoat pigment pastes is environment friendly solvent based colorants for coating systems due to its nonsolvent nature, meeting the VOC requirements and at the same time still yielding a very excellent gloss.

DELTA-DC® 3046 is a high molecular weight wetting and dispersing additive for solvent-based coatings. It prevents reflocculation of pigments through steric hindrance and therefore stabilizes the color strength and hue of pigments in paints and pigment concentrates. DELTA-DC® 3046 is preferably used in high performance solvent-based coatings but also in automotive coatings. It can be used as well in pigment concentrates.
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