Worldwide, our brand name, MATAPEL stands for diversity, versatility and innovation. Everyone at our company vows to strive to give all our best daily in research, in quality, in customer support, in production and in all our other activities. We make sure we put a lot of efforts in maintaining our high standards in the future. Production facilities are ceaselessly upgraded when improved technologies become available and we are protecting the environment with a strong sense of responsibility.


PT. MATA PELANGI started as a manufacturer of organic and inorganic pigments in paste or dispersion form for various applications and industries. Now, the company offers a variety of distinguished products, ranging from highly concentrated, environmentally friendly pigment dispersions, silicone based products to diverse specialty and commodity polymers.

Industrial customers recognize the company today as their partner who offer, not just quality and diversity of its products, but also its advanced technology and ability to offer added value, as well as versatile products through innovative solutions. Since its incorporation, PT MATA PELANGI has built its success on innovation, diversity and versatility. At MATAPEL we never stop inventing and innovating


To enhance full growth and development with better organizational management,
PT MATA PELANGI CHEMINDO is separated into four fully independent manufacturing division: Pigment Preparations, Special Additives, Silicones and Polymers. Each division is concentrating on manufacturing and developing its own products, but all of the products are marketed under a united sales force that is very experienced in handling specialty, as well as commodity products.


At MATAPEL, whenever we can, we always try our best to innovate a product that is usable not only for serving a single purpose or just serving an industry, but also for many other applications. Since we believe that versatility means efficiency and it creates a better life

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